artwork by  Sölvi   Dúnn

artwork by Sölvi Dúnn

Errata is an artist collective consisting of the composers Bára GísladóttirFinnur Karlsson, Halldór Smárason, Haukur Þór Harðarson and Petter Ekman.

The group’s objective is to provide a platform for young composers to present themselves and their art as widely as possible, as well as promoting new and innovative ways in composition and distribution. Thus, group members strive to promote each other’s work on the widest basis, helping each other marketing themselves and the group itself, and finally hosting joint events with the member’s works. While it’s not unlikely that the group will grow in the near future, both in terms of quantity and art forms, the four founders will run the group. 

The founders of the group met studying at the Iceland Academy of the Arts. Currently residing in four different countries, the idea is that the members of the group attract artists in their regions to participate in the project, which then, working with other Icelandic artists, create an artistic fusion of people who merge into one unique group in Iceland. 

Errata Collective has inter alia worked with musicians and ensembles such as Elektra Ensemble, Elísabet Einarsdóttir and TAK Ensemble, as well as participated in festivals such as Halland Opera & Vocal Festival and Dark Music Days.

It is our hope that Errata will increase diversity in the arts of Iceland, and even abroad, and furthermore will provide its members a source of inspiration, ambition and increased opportunities in art-making of any kind.